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Princess Nails & Spa
400 Stafford Road, Stafford, Queensland, Australia
  • acrylic nails
  • Gel Nails
  • nail art
Sensationails Nail Bar
Shop 214, Westfield Chermside
  • acrylic nails
  • acrylic toe nails
  • gel powder
  • manicure
  • nail art
  • pedicure
Creating Perfect Nails
5 Ifield Street, McDowall, Queensland, Australia
  • Acrylic Shellac Nails
  • Gel Nails

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are made using a mixture of liquid (monomer) and powder (polymer) to create a strong protective coating over your natural nail. The acrylic mixture then hardens when exposed to air. The two main processes of applying acrylic to your nails are tips and forms. When using tips, a nail shaped plastic 'tip' is attached to your existing nail and a layer of acrylic is applied over the top. This process is best suited to nails that already have a little length, as the tip is merely a platform for the acrylic and needs a suitable area of nail beneath it to be attached securely. Forms are created by extending your nail with acrylic using a molded base or 'form'. The form is placed under the tip of your existing nail before applying acrylic over the top and molding it into shape.

Gel Nails

Gel nails are a popular alternative to acrylic nails. While they may not be as durable, they provide a more natural look, produce little to no fumes during the application process and cure at a much faster rate than acrylic. Unlike acrylic, the gel compound used to create gel nails, hardens when exposed to ultra violet light. It is therefore recommended that when working with gel you should try to avoid sitting next to a bright window or below a skylight, as the natural UV light will begin to prematurely harden the gel, making it difficult to work with.