makeup artists

A makeup artist or cosmetic stylist, is essentially an artist that applies makeup to the human body. Like an artist they use their skills, creativity and a variety of tools, colours and products to create their ‘work of art’. Some makeup artists specialize in the application of makeup and prosthetics for theatrical, television and movie productions, while others may cater for weddings, birthdays, parties and special events.

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What types of makeup are there?

When talking about the types of makeup used for the purpose of beautifying or enhancing one's appearance, there are many products available and each has it's own specific purpose.

Skin Primer may be applied to the face before foundation and helps to provide a 'flawless finish', whilst helping to increase the 'wear time' of the makeup that is applied over the top.

Foundation is a skin coloured cosmetic which is usually applied to the face in order to create an even, uniformed look or to change the colour tone of the skin. It comes in powder, cream, gel and liquid form. Most foundations are applied using a brush, however some of the liquid types may be airbrushed onto the skin using a small compressor and airgun. Liquid foundations usually provide a lighter finish than the cream and powder foundations, and may also have a slightly gloss finish.

Concealer as the name suggests, is used to hide minor blemishes of the skin by blending them into the surrounding area. It can be used to disguise acne, freckles, dark areas and other skin blemishes.